Audioalizer – Objective-C

Members: Matthew DeNovio, Blake Gross, Torey Scheer


Audioalizer is an app that my friends and I made during a weeklong app jam. The primary goal of the jam was to give people the opportunity to learn Objective-C and iOS development.



The app allows the user to make music by touching the screen in various locations. By doing so curves will form and move across the screen.

The screen is divided into grids with different notes in each spot. Tilting the device changes the octave level making the sound appear higher or lower. The curves themselves are influenced by when and where the notes are triggered. The result is a mesmerizing app that one can lose themselves in.


During the jam I was tasked with generating the visuals for the app. The curves are made through Bezier curves  that I derived using various techniques to allow for a continuous flow of line and color progression.

The app can be downloaded here.