Energy Drive – Unity Script

Members: Matthew DeNovio, Blake Gross, Torey Scheer, Dustin Kochensparger, Amanda Imperial


Energy Drive is a resource management game which deals with the different means of acquiring energy. The game was inspired by its predecessor U.S.B. and after being worked on by a summer team at MassDigi Energy Drive was formed.



The player is leading an energy conglomerate and must place buildings on a plot of land and collect energy to be distributed to the nearby towns. The actions the player takes have an effect on the towns and how they interact with the player, such as pollution, lack of energy given, or even research that they can provide.


For this project, when given the code from the other team abstraction of data was one of my priorities. To make it easy to access and change game constants I created an XML editor and a way of loading the information as well. This made my later task of creating multiple towns easier to build.

One of the issues with the game was that the town’s influence on the player was subtle and meaningless. In order to make it more engaging and meaningful the incorporation of multiple towns with distinct personalities was a must. So for this I abstracted the code to allow for multiple towns and created GUI interactions with the player and the towns as well as the file which holds the data of each town. In addition, I also implemented the feature of research technologies that the towns can provide.

The site for the game can be found here.

The game is playable here.