Ultimate Nerd – ActionScript 3

Members: Matthew DeNovio, Blake Gross, Sam Morrison, Erik Buchholz, Andrew Hall


Ultimate Nerd is a card battler that was made during a 48 hour game jam using another group’s design document. The main objective was to produce a prototype of the game and how it would be played.



The game starts off with two nerds one of comic books and the other of video games having a heated argument about which side of nerdom is superior. Each having hero counterparts that rival each other. Then suddenly, the universe gets warped and all the nerds in the world have powers resembling their nerdiness. Nerds around the world battle each other to answer the question all nerds want answered, what nerd is the Ultimate Nerd.

The game is played by having the two nerds with their unique stats battle each other with a deck of cards which corresponds to their nerd sect. Each alternating from defensive to offensive.

Download the game here