CMD Prompt RPG – C++

Members: Matthew DeNovio


Command Prompt RPG is the start of a game to be played through the Command Prompt. My primary goal was to produce a real-time graphically stimulating game that could be easily iterated upon.



Most games I have seen on the Command Prompt have either graphics where the player is an ASCII character or the game is text based. Instead I wanted to make a game that would be visually stimulating while limiting myself to the Command Prompt.


Starting off I structured the code to replicate the typical game framework with an update and display loop. After doing so I realized that displaying graphics was quite different. For my implementation the screen is setup with ASCII characters representing pixels of tiled images. To allow for fast display, cursor manipulation was used to only draw pixels that are being changed. Using the scroll bars I moved the “camera” based on time to allow for smooth movement.

Allowing for users to create their own worlds was one of my priorities as well. To do this I wanted to allow users with full creation freedom using the tools that I would provide. Currently I have a Tile maker which can create tiles with their different attributes. Although, currently I put this aside until I figure out a more consistent and faster rendering method. In the future I have plans to allow artists to convert images from an image file to the tile format possible using .pbm files for simplicity. After that a World editor will be made as well as a Battle editor allowing people to create combat.

The current build can be downloaded here.