Memento – AS3 / Stage 3D

Members: Matthew DeNovio, Blake GrossTorey ScheerDustin KochenspargerAmanda Imperial, Joe Borysko



Memento is a game that deals with the stressors of being a modern day police officer.

The project is made in Action Script 3.0 using Stage 3D to render the game. We wanted to make it easier for people familiar with Flash to work off our project without dealing with Stage 3D. So, we looked at existing frameworks such as Starling for inspiration when building our project. The benefits of Stage 3D’s rendering power is what made us choose it instead of the normal Flash route but the documentation ended up being minimum making the process of abstraction involve some additional work.



One of the main contributions that I worked on was developing a Sprite animation system that would allow planes to be drawn on the screen and render their animations. As well as making it friendly for our artists to import their 2D animation assets. Luckily for me the current version of Flash has the ability of generating animations sprite sheets in multiple formats related to commonly used frameworks.

After figuring out the format that best suited our needs, I created a tool that would parse the XML created from Flash and make it usable for what we needed.  Although the format was specific, it made it easy for animations to be swapped in and out of the game.

Decision Making

Another main contribution I worked on was the Decision Making. This is when the player is put in a particular situation and their actions / inaction affect the outcome of the situation. In order to do this I had to think about all the various situations that the character could encounter and how to abstract it all so that the data can be read in the form of an XML file and represent the intended sequence. Although currently the decisions are minimum, it is abstracted enough to be modifiable over time.

If you would like to know more about the project you can visit the blog for additional information.

Download the game here